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A very feisty girlfriend...

...courtesy of Weird Asia News

24 year-old Wei has a very loving girlfriend… Maybe too loving.

When Wei went to see his girlfriend recently they began to kiss. She apparently got so excited that she accidentally bit off Wei’s lower lip. Bit off to the extent that the bottom lip was actually still hanging in her mouth.


Wei was rushed to a hospital in the Chongqin area of China, but the tissue from his mouth was already dead. The doctor was forced to use tissue from other parts of his body to fix his lower lip.

As strange as this story is, it is not the first time Wei’s girlfriend has taken to biting him. It seems whenever she gets excited, biting and hurting Wei is the only way she can be satisfied.

“My girlfriend’s zodiac sign must be a dog”, Wei jokes… while the doctor seems to suggest it might be something psychological with the girl.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Russian Government Dissolved

Russia PM goes as Putin dissolves government
By Mike Eckel, AP
Published: 12 September 2007

President Vladimir Putin has dissolved the Russian government on the request of the prime minister, the Kremlin said Wednesday, a major political shake-up ahead of crucial parliamentary and presidential elections.

The dissolution is expected to result in a new head of government, who will be seen as Putin's choice to succeed him after he steps down next spring.

Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov said he asked for the dissolution because with elections approaching, Putin needed to have a free hand to make decisions, including those concerning appointments.

Putin agreed: "You might be right that we must all think about how to structure the government so that it better suits the pre-election period and prepares the country for what will happen after the parliamentary and presidential elections."

Under the Constitution, Putin now has two weeks to propose a new head of government, which the lower house of parliament, the State Duma, then has a week to vote on. Russian news agencies said Fradkov would serve as acting prime minister until the vote.

The parliamentary elections are scheduled for Dec. 2, followed some three months later by presidential elections.

The newspaper Vedomosti, citing unnamed Kremlin officials, reported Wednesday that Sergei Ivanov, a first deputy prime minister and a leader contender to succeed to Putin, could be appointed prime minister in the near future.

Another first deputy prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, who is a top executive at natural gas monopoly OAO Gazprom, is considered the other leading contender.

The Independent

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a post

I am not a lush.

look it up and figure it out! use your brain and teh interwebz, or maybe an actual bound, dried, tree-pulp volume of Websters!

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Teh Odd and Amazing News

Making My Ears Bleed...
Warm Fuzzy Feeling
All The Pain Money Can Buy
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New Toy

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Bubble Fusion

Bubble Fusion Confirmed by LETU Research

Fri, Nov 17 2006

LeTourneau University physics professor Edward R. “Ted” Forringer, Ph.D., and an undergraduate student have just returned from the American Nuclear Society (ANS) winter conference in Albuquerque, N. M. where they presented two papers confirming the existence of fusion in collapsing bubbles.

It has long been observed by scientists that sound waves in a liquid produce flashes of light when bubbles collapse. This phenomenon is called “sonoluminescence.” Professor Rusi Taleyarkhan, Ph.D., from Purdue University was the first to successfully show that these collapsing bubbles can produce fusion of two deuterium nuclei. This process is known as acoustic inertial confinement nuclear fusion, commonly called “bubble fusion.” Taleyarkhan’s results had been called into question, but now have been substantiated by Forringer and his students.

“Articles published March 2006 in the premiere international science journal, Nature magazine, prematurely dismissed Taleyarkhan’s work,” Forringer said. “Two students and I went to Purdue University in May to conduct our own research, collecting, analyzing and interpreting our own data that substantiated his previous work.”

One paper on bubble fusion, co-authored by professor Forringer, senior David Robbins and sophomore Jonathan Martin, has already been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in Transactions, a publication of the American Nuclear Society. A second paper with Robbins as lead author, along with Forringer and Martin, is currently being reviewed for publication.

And why has bubble fusion generated so much press?

“All other successful methods of producing nuclear fusion are very expensive, requiring large collaborations at national laboratories. But bubble fusion can be replicated inexpensively on a table top with the right conditions and equipment,” Forringer said. “Fusion holds promise for clean, cheap and abundant ‘green’ energy, and our work provides another promising step for further research.”

Forringer and his students are continuing their bubble fusion research at LeTourneau University.

Copyright 2006 LeTourneau University

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